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"Dentaphilia" by Julia Slavin

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"Solid Ground" by Maryanne O’Hara

This story appeared in our Volume 14/2 and, we are proud to say, was Julia’s first published fiction. Her talents as a writer and storyteller are self-evident.

We love the quirky nature of Julia’s mind and the sly way she sneaks up on the reader combining a truly unique humor with an equally serious core. This story was read at a standing-room-only event in Washington, DC sponsored by Chapters Bookstore for the Crescent Review. The laughter throughout Julia’s reading was outdone only by the stillness and attention by everyone at the end.


Maryanne O'Hara lives in Massachusetts, where she is writing a novel called The Playmaster's Daughter. Recent stories have appeared in Five Points. She is the Associate Fiction Editor of Ploughshares.

"Solid Ground" possesses a compelling narrative describing the struggles of a recently widowed woman to make peace with her loss by dealing with her dead husband’s brother, a painfully similar man to the brother she married and the mother who competes for every memory and possession of her dead son. This is a well-written tale with a fresh look at struggle leading to change.

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