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In Memoriam Prudence Jean-Gilles


who is Hoen?
If you fancy romance, this one’s for you. Check out the brief description below and decide if you would like to read the entire book online

The story

When Carlo and Catherine are thrown together in Flight of Fancy, they are about to find out all about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They are thirty-somethings experiencing identity crises, career changes and way too much fun. They challenge each other to throw away all the rules, pursue hedonism and stand up for themselves.

A stumble in the dark, throws Catherine, Carlo’s client, in his arms. Their lips brush. Much more than a simple accident for Catherine, this fleeting kiss leads her to question the direction of her life. She abandons her convent, days before making a permanent commitment to the religious life.

Endowed with all the charisma of a misspent life, Carlo carries around repressed dreams, guilt, and a closet full of skeletons. He cannot forgive himself for driving his mother to her death under the influence. A year as a homeless junkie, rehabilitation and rampant promiscuity have done nothing to dull the pain. He makes the best gamble yet and decides to abandon his career as an architect to pursue his dormant dream of working as a clothing designer.

The two Americans meet again in the streets of Rio. Catherine is eager to fit in and experience everything. She elects Carlo as her guide. Though tempted, he cannot pinpoint one reason why he should be interested in someone so plain, a philosophy teacher and ex-nun of all things. Undeterred and un-initiated, Catherine casts her spell on Carlo. They dance the nights away in magnificent sinful Brazil, make love in the afternoon and let themselves experience the splendor of being alive, foolish and joyful for the first time in years. Pushing the envelope, they soon find the limit of their relationship. In the bedroom... More Romance and Love poems