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Crescent Review is a internet review site that offers its perspective on the lates releases of books, movies, stories and online entertainment.It is run by volunteers so feel welcome to submit your own review on any book, film or website.

We prefer books with:

  • Imaginative and lively writing
  • Fresh outlook and insight
  • Sharp characterization
  • Telling sensory details
  • Provocative ideas pushed to the limits of their possibilities
  • An atmosphere in which a truth about the human experience reveals itself


What we look for in a movie

  • Movies told in compelling ways that capture viewers’ attention
  • Well-written storyline that sustain interest from start to finish
  • We especially appreciate a light touch or humor that leavens the serious
  • We seek films where choice has consequences.
  • We are open to varied length pieces, different voices, and different topics
  • There are no taboos, per se, Adult xxx is welcome though we are guided by issues of taste and style, subjective as they may be.

What we look for in adult online entertainment

  • Websites unique in content that keep surfers’ attention
  • Free or lost cost to access majority of contentstoryline that sustain interest from start to finish
  • The websites must be strictly legal and conform with community standards
  • The adult websites must be free of popups and other intrusive spyware.
  • We are open to varied adult entertainment, and substances such as buying ambien that can help those that have, sleeping problems from online gambling, adult Forums, xxxwebsites, adult articles.
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In Memoriam Prudence Jean-Gilles

who is Hoen?
If you fancy romance, this one’s for you. Check out the brief description below and decide if you would like to read the entire book online or if your

This novel is approximately 50,000 words long and is not suitable for minors.

When Carlo and Catherine are thrown together in Flight of Fancy, they are about to find out all about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They are thirty-somethings experiencing identity crises, career changes and way too much fun. They challenge each other to throw away all the rules, pursue hedonism and stand up for themselves.
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